Raise the bar on equine health and performance

Parasites are one of the most significant issues impacting horse health and performance.

Managing parasites on equine properties can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. FECPAKG2 makes an invisible problem visible and easy to manage.

Minimise the risk of parasite resistance in your horses

Drug-resistant parasites are becoming more common. With no new anti-parasite drugs being developed, equine managers have to be more cautious when it comes to treating their horses for parasites.

By incorporating FECPAKG2   into your parasite management strategy, equine managers are able to treat the right animal at the right time with the right treatment.

Mitigate the risk of parasites impacting your investment

Integrating FECPAKG2 into your equine management provides a transparent record. Unlike traditional testing results of parasite testing using FECPAKG2  are stored securely ensuring auditability.

  • Improved auditability and traceability 
  • Receive results in minutes for high faecal egg counts
  • Have a record of all testing 
  • Reduce potential risk for investors
  • Quick and easy process saving you valuable time
  • Test sensitivity 30EPG

Evidence based

FECPAKG2 represents the next generation faecal egg counting for the horse sector. FECPAKG2 will offer an overall parasite management system for horses that promises to bring worming practice into the 21st century.

Dr Fiona Tyson, Aberystwyth University (UK)

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FECPAKG2   is a cost effective tool that can help ensure parasites don’t impact your herd performance.

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Getting started with your FECPAKG2

Are you thinking about getting started? Here is a quick video showing how simple it is to collect your equine sample ready for processing

Collecting a equine sample for processing