Longview Farm, The France family

On their property which sits in West Otago hill country between Tapanui and Ettrick, Richard and Kerry France and sons Morgan and Jackson run a diverse farm with a large perendale stud flock, commercial sheep, beef finishing and a deer unit.  

Use of DrenchSmart by the France family on their 568ha Longview farm at Moa Flat helped them improve lamb growth after 20 years using an ineffective drench. Using PhenR has assisted their breeding programme which in turn has meant they haven't drenched an adult stud or commercial flock sheep since 2003/04. 

Two years after moving to Longview in 2000, the Frances purchased Hazeldale Perendale Stud. This provided ownership of 380 stud ewes, 300 ewe hoggets and 300 ram hoggets, an amazing flock with the high fertility gene which became their breeding base. 

Richard says thanks to the genetics and selective breeding over the years they’ve developed early-maturing, well-muscled perendales lambs which are meatier and have excellent weaning weights.  

He adds the use of Techion tools, DrenchSmart and PhenR have supported their breeding programme which means they haven't drenched an adult stud or commercial flock sheep since 2003-04. Additionally they have only drenched two-tooths a couple of times in winter over the years. 

Richard says DrenchSmart reiterates what we are doing on the farm is the right thing with the drench programme.  

“Previously for 20 years I was using one particular lot of drench and was wondering why the lambs weren’t doing as well as they could have been. Turns out the drench wasn’t actually doing anything. It wasn’t working! 

A lot of farmers will just buy drench based on what comes free, without any true knowledge on if the drench is actually doing anything. DrenchSmart gives us these answers. 

DrenchSmart means I’m not wasting money buying drenches that aren’t working and I’m saving time by not drenching the animals with a drench that doesn’t work. 

I’ve been using DrenchSmart for a few years now and I’ve used PhenR for more than 15 years. If you are determined to get your farming business on track, the technology is easy. This is the way of the future with farming, we have to have solid knowledge to act on these things.” 

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