Revolutionary New AI-Enabled Fluke Test Speeds Up Testing

Tuesday 4 October 2022: FECPAKG2 the quick, simple test for parasites has developed a revolutionary new test to diagnose Liver and Rumen Fluke in livestock.  

The FECPAKG2 Fluke Test is being launched at the British Cattle Veterinary Association, BCVA Congress 2022, in Birmingham from Thursday 20 until Sunday 22 October.  

The new FECPAKG2 Fluke Test uses its Micro-I digital microscope, a simple filtration system and AI (artificial intelligence) to provide farmers, veterinarians and laboratories with results in minutes.  

Research for the new FECPAKG2 Fluke Test was undertaken in Wales over the past two years in a collaboration between FECPAK’s parent company Techion’s research and development team and Dr. Claire Reigate, a parasitology researcher at Aberystwyth University.   

Dr. Claire Reigate was the lead author of ‘Evaluation of two Fasciola hepatica faecal egg counting protocols in sheep and cattle’, which was published in Veterinary Parasitology 294 (2021). Dr Reigate is sharing her research on the opening day of the BCVA Congress in a presentation called 'Finding eggs in bovine faeces – is it a fluke?' at 4.15pm on Thursday 20 October.  

Greg Mirams, Founder and CEO of Techion, the company which has developed FECPAKG2 and the Fluke Egg Test, says the new FECPAKG2 Fluke Test is nothing short of revolutionary. 

“We’re delighted to bring an effective new Fluke Egg Test to the market. The FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Test is much easier, quicker and cheaper than other available tests and utilises all the benefits associated with digital imaging, AI and the connectivity cloud computing provides."   

“We believe the timing for commercialisation of the FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Test couldn’t be better; as farmers across the UK and the world are being impacted by climate change and increasing resistance to traditional fluke treatment.” 

“I’m proud to bring this new test to the market after a solid few years of development work. It’s our first new diagnostic test since digitising FEC testing with FECPAKG2 in the UK in 2014 - and it won’t be our last. We have a substantial pipeline of research and development including delivering test results more quickly by activating AI to count faecal eggs within the next few months.  

Techion UK General Manager, Eurion Thomas welcomed the introduction of the FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Test saying it has the ability to save UK farmers millions of pounds a year. 

“A recent study showed that Scottish dairy farms with untreated fluke can expect a 12% reduction in net profit and a 6% reduction in net profit for a standard beef farm, under usual climate and weather conditions. However, when climate change is considered, losses increase by two-fold on a dairy farm and six-fold on a cattle farm.” 

Earlier research was undertaken in the UK in 2014 and 2015 estimated the cost of fluke in livestock to be almost €300 m annually, he said.  

“Since that research was released farmers have been further challenged by climate change and now they’re facing significant rising costs. Any diagnostic tools which help improve animal health and reduce farm costs benefit the entire livestock industry.” 

“Our team is looking forward to bringing the FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Test to the livestock industry across the British Isles. To undertake Fluke Egg Testing on the existing FECPAKG2 Unit, users will receive a couple of new tools and training."

“Having the ability to test for adult Flukes on a regular basis provides farmers with data to help make treatment and management decisions."