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Drench resistance is a massive, growing problem. Using ineffective drench treatments can contribute to parasite resistance on your property, which reduces animal weight gain, income and property value if unresolved.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on drench treatment that doesn't work. DrenchSmart helps you identify which drench actives are most effective on your property. 

Take the guesswork out of drench treatment and reduce the impact of drench resistance on your farm today.

How DrenchSmart works

Faecal egg count reduction tests (FECRT) analyse the effectiveness of drench/wormer actives by testing animals before and after drench treatment. DrenchSmart is our FECRT product for sheep, cattle and goat farmers. DrenchSmart considers the five commonly used treatment actives and combinations.

    1. Pre Test
    Test mob before drench treatment
    Drench mob using a variety of drench treatments
    3. Post Treatment Test
    Test mob again after treatment
    4. Identify
    Our lab processes the tests and prepares a report showing which treatments are effective
    5. Act
    Decide which treatment to use safe in the knowledge it works

Case Study

“As soon as we changed to a drench that worked we couldn’t believe the weight gain we were making to help the bottom line.”  

Scurr family - Central Otago

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Test for drench resistance with DrenchSmart

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