Save time, reduce unnecessary treatment

By recording paddock names when samples are submitted FECPAKG2 can identify paddocks that are parasite hotspots. Avoiding grazing on these fields protects stock from parasite infection.  

Integrating regular FEC testing in your farm management can reduce drench use by up to 50% -  saving you time and money.

    Intuitive process
    Portable and standalone
    Timely samples from field to lab

Maximise weight gain

FECPAKG2 minimises parasites by reducing the number of larvae grazing livestock consume. By preventing high FEC levels through targeted treatment, or by avoiding grazing animals on contaminated paddocks/fields, weight gain will increase.  


Versatile and cost effective

FECPAKG2 helps farmers minimise the effects of parasites in their stock. Intuitive by design, FECPAKG2 has been created with the everyday farmer in mind.

  • Compact and portable 

  • Online and offline sample processing

  • Fast results

  • Personalised training 

  • Ongoing technical support 

  • Results and data securely stored online

Whole farm parasite management tool

Learn how FECPAKG2 can be integrated as a whole farm parasite management tool, which can help maximise the health and wellbeing of your livestock 

Integrate FECPAKG2 as part of parasite management

Getting started with your own unit is simple. All it takes is one session with our experienced team and you will be ready to process your own samples. If you ever need extra help our support team is always available to assist you. 

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