A better future, with animals bred for resistance

Futureproof your animals to meet growing demand for chemical-free produce. Breeding for resistance helps create sustainable parasite management, preventing anthelmintic resistance and ensuring treatments remain effective.

PhenR provides farmers with valuable data enabling you to identify breeding animals that are naturally resistant to parasites. This lessens reliance on worming treatments and maintains performance.

Why is breeding parasite resistant sheep important?

Only 5% of parasite infestations are treated using drench, while the other 95% remain on pasture. Save time and money and breed naturally resistant animals.

  • Reduce the number of times animals require treatment 
  • Improve the value of your stock
  • Produce naturally resistant animals that are less likely to contribute to resistance
  • Breed genetically superior livestock 

How PhenR works

The PhenR service is a simple five step process used by leading breeder and industry researchers. Breed superior, parasite-resistant animals with PhenR.

    1. Sample Collection
    2. Process samples
    Our lab process the samples
    3. Determine Breeding Values
    We provide a report showing which animals are naturally more resistant to parasites
    4. Select superior animals
    Breeders have the knowledge to select superior animals
    5. Record
    Permanently store genetic data

Pahiwi Rams

“PhenR is a great tool in the parasite management box. With increasing farm costs, reducing reliance on drenches needs to come from not only improved management but a genetic approach also.”

Rob Tennent - Waipukurau

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“DrenchSmart and Phenhas supported our breeding programme which means we haven't drenched an adult stud or commercial flock sheep since 2003-04.” 

France family - Central Otago

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Helping breed parasite resistant sheep

We work with leading sheep breeders and research organisations such as New Zealand’s AgResearch. WormFEC certification has been developed over many years in collaboration with AgResearch and a group of elite breeders. It enables breeders to show on a scale the degree of their animals’ parasite resistance. 


Join the breeders who are naturally reducing the effects of parasites on their property.

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