Manage Parasites or Facial Eczema with One Simple Test

Improve animal performance by using a FECPAKG2 Test Kit. A simple and easy to use FEC and Facial Eczema test developed in New Zealand and now available at Farmlands stores across the country. 


    FEC Test
    FEC test results let you know the level of parasite burden in your animals.
    Facial Eczema
    Test to see if Facial Eczema spores are present on your property.

Why use a FECPAKG2 Test Kit?


  • Cheap and easy to use 
  • Lab testing and courier is included 
  • Gives reliable treatment advice  
  • Helps prevent a drop in animal performance

  • Monitors drench effectiveness

  • 30 years of experience in animal health 

Find more on how it works

Customer Story: West Otago Farmer

Todd Perkins - West Otago

West Otago sheep and beef farmer Todd Perkins regularly undertakes FECRT and FEC testing with his winter experience reinforcing the value of the practice.

“The cost of a FEC test is negligible and the information I received over winter saved massive amounts in lost production”, Todd explains. “It all comes back to production. FEC testing highlighted potentially contaminated pastures going forward and I was able to farm knowing this, keeping an eye on ewes so I could maintain good scan rates.”