FEC It's Monday Webinar Series

You’ll be enlightened by this FECPAKG2 webinar series and learn about parasites from veterinary parasitologists, veterinarians and industry leaders from across the globe. Hear compelling stories and receive practical advice for mastering the art of parasite management.

Past Webinars

Series 1: Founder of Techion Group Greg Mirams

What the FEC? And other s*** we need to know, Monday 10 November

Techion Group Founder and Managing Director, Greg Mirams. Greg will share what he’s learned about parasite management over a 30-year career including, how climate change is impacting parasites and increases in drench resistance in NZ. 

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Series 2: Wormwise Programme Manager Ginny Dodunski

What the FEC is refugia? I’m sorry, I’m confugia! Monday 11 December

In this webinar we talk with veterinarian, Wormwise Programme Manager and self-confessed Sheep Geek, Ginny Dodunski. We will delve into the topics of refugia and other management practices which you can implement on your property.

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Series 3: Techion Group UK, Dr Frank Turnbull

What the FEC is Happening Globally? Monday 15 January

In this series we talk with Techion's UK Veterinary Parasitologist, Dr Frank Turnbull. He’ll share insights on his experiences managing parasites in the UK while highlighting the similarities with New Zealand, providing practical tips to managing parasites on pasture. 

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