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March 2024

The stigma that follows drench resistance. 

A farmer is mystified about how his land, and stock, fell prey to the syndrome – and still won’t go public about it.

March 2024

Data can help deal with drench crisis. Intensive monitoring among the more effective resets in farm management.

March 2024

Greg Mirams joined The Al & Juddy Show recently, to chat about the challenge drench resistance holds for farmers and tools to combat it.

December 2023

Managing Director Greg Mirams talks to the AM Show about all things FECPAKG2, Techions collaboration with Awanui Labs & Aware Group and the emergence of Techion's technology into human health.

November 2023

‘It’s a rain gauge for disease’ : An Otago-based company’s AI-assisted technology has a trove of applications

October 2023

Drench resistance in sheep can be a $98 million problem. Farmers should stop over-relying on drench to kill parasites, but rather manage their pastures and control the amount of parasites on it.

October 2023

Increasing drench resistance a growing problem on NZ farms. A key factor in the dramatic failure of commonly used triple drenches is that these are not effective on 27% of New Zealand sheep farms.

October 2023

NO MORE PARASITES. Techion collaborates with AI developer, Aware to boost production, savings and sustainability on farm.

September 2023

The New Zealand sheep industry is being robbed of almost $100 million a year because of undetected drench resistance, according to research from Techion, the company that has developed FECPAKG2.

November 2021

Tech takes 'guesswork' out of mussel farming. A new technology platform has been designed in Dunedin to support one of New Zealand’s most valuable seafood exports.

September 2021

FECPAKG2 customers generate over 30,000 sheep FEC samples a year, providing unrivalled data to analyse seasonal and regional variances in parasite levels across NZ.

September 2020

Undetected drench resistance is costing the NZ sheep sector almost $50 million a year — and it may only get worse.

December 2019

Techion Group has taken in around $5 million in funding so far to develop a technology that allows microscopic images of very small things to be captured and then transmitted over the cloud for analysis.

October 2019

Agricultural technology company Techion has cornered an international market. Greg Mirams, explained how the internet of things and fast fibre broadband has transformed the way he does business.

October 2018

A Dunedin company has developed new technology that could make diagnosising a major public health problem easier.

January 2018

An Invermay-based agtech company that rose from the ashes of the 2007-08 global financial crisis has reinvented itself with a revolutionary design of an online diagnostic tool to monitor parasites in livestock.

October 2017

Relocating Techion Group to Invermay will enable the animal parasite diagnostics company to upscale manufacturing and ramp the business up, managing director Greg Mirams says.