Proven in the field – the Sainsbury’s Project

The large-scale, three-year Sainsbury’s Project conducted on sheep farms in the United Kingdom and New Zealand shows that FECPAKG2 helps farmers improve growth rate and flock performance, reduce input costs and support sustainable anthelmintic treatment. 

Farmers in the Project used the FECPAKG2 online diagnostic platform to generate real time data on the level of the parasite burden within their animals to decide how best to manage parasites in them. 

Widespread drench resistance

The project showed drench (anthelmintic) resistance in animal parasites is far more widespread than most people realise. The reduced weight gain in lambs caused by using an ineffective drench results in a significant loss in income.

  • 37% of Case Study farmers using ineffective drench
  • NZ farms with lambs receiving ineffective drench were losing an average of $74,974 annually due to low weight gain
  • 84% of Case Study farmers using ineffective drench
  • UK farms with lambs receiving ineffective drench were losing an average of £12,037 annually due to low weight gain

Improving animal performance, sustainably

The innovative FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform used by farmers in the Sainsbury’s Project makes faecal egg count testing easier and faster to do virtually anywhere, by anyone.

  • Testing with FECPAKG2 provided real time information on parasite burdens so that farmers could treat their animals only when they needed it
  • 97% of Case Study farmers believe that regular faecal egg count testing with FECPAKG2 can help them improve growth rate and flock performance
  • A significant number of NZ and UK Case Study farmers in the Project used FECPAKG2 on a regular basis to manage parasites in their flock
  • Case Study farmers reduced drench use, some by up to 50%

Sainsbury's Project Report

The Sainsbury’s FECPAKG2 Project Report summarises the key findings of the Sainsbury’s FECPAKG2 Project. It examines the drench resistance status in both the UK and NZ, Project Farmer responses and experiences, changes in farming practices, as well as future opportunities for the wider Sainsbury’s Production Group.


Read the full Sainbury's report

"The FECPAKG2 Project combines cutting edge remote diagnostic technology and cloud computing, to generate real time data that informs producers on the level of parasite burden within their flock and how best to control them. For farmers on the Project, they have already seen savings in terms of reduced drench usage, using more effective drench types and increased lamb output."

- Gavin Hodgson, Head of Livestock Sainsbury's PLC