Increase cattle production with regular worm monitoring

Parasites in cattle impact their health and reduce their growth rates. Regular FEC testing with FECPAKG2 will identify parasite challenges and can help manage worms and improve cattle health, welfare and weight gain.

FECPAKG2 for your cattle makes sense

Internal parasites can reduce daily live weight gain in beef cattle up by up 300gm per animal and can delay finishing by between 30 and 40 days. Routine FEC testing using FECPAKG2 ensures you’re treating the right animal at the right time and can help with more efficient finishing times and animal wellbeing.

Take the guesswork out of your parasite management

Treat your animals at the right time with the right product. Timing is crucial when it comes to worming; by recording your farm’s FEC test results you can adapt and manage grazing in parasite hot spots.

It is also very easy to check your drench efficacy with the FECPAKG2, to make sure that the wormers are actually working in your stock.

  • Locate parasite hotspots on your property
  • Spend less time handling stock 
  • Identify strategies to reduce parasite load on pasture 
  • Produce healthier and heavier livestock

Getting started with your FECPAKG2

Are you thinking about getting started? Here is a quick video showing how simple it is to collect your cattle sample for processing

Collecting a cattle sample for processing