New FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Test

Fluke can have severe impacts on animal health so it’s vital farmers, veterinarians and animal health professionals know if they need to treat Fluke. This is easier than ever with the quick, new FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Test.

    Validated for cattle
    Diagnoses Fluke in Sheep
    Results emailed within an hour

Regular testing for Liver Fluke and Rumen Fluke is easy

Add testing for Liver Fluke and Rumen Fluke to your regular FECPAKG2 parasite monitoring. Ensure you know when Fluke treatment is necessary.

  • Results provided quickly, within a couple of hours during the work day
  • Is scientifically validated
  • Is a non-invasive test for the animal
  • Distinguishes between Liver Fluke and Rumen Fluke Eggs
  • Shows Fluke Egg data to understand fields that are high/low risk
  • Allows online and offline sample processing
  • Stores results securely online
  • Is simple and easy to test and can be taught in a one hour online training

Include Fluke Egg Testing as part of your FECPAKG2 parasite management

Getting started with your own FECPAKG2 Fluke Egg Testing is simple. All it takes is one session with our experienced team and you will be ready to process your own Liver and Rumen Fluke Egg samples. If you ever need help our support team is always available to assist you. 

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