Optimise your parasite management

Timing is crucial when it comes to drenching/worming.  By recording data specific to your property FECPAKG2 can model the best times and paddocks to test, ensuring that you only drench when you have to.

Cost effective parasite management strategies

While regular drench treatment is an effective method of controlling parasites, the harsh reality is that this only accounts for 5% of parasites on your property. Through regular testing with FECPAKG2 you are able to

  • Locate parasite hotspots on your property
  • Spend less time handling stock 
  • Identify strategies to reduce parasite load on pasture 
  • Produce healthier and heavier livestock

“As soon as we changed to a drench that worked we couldn’t believe the weight gain we were making to help the bottom line.”  

Scurr Family - Central Otago, New Zealand


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Take charge of parasite management and improve farm performance

Integrate FECPAKG2 as a part of your parasite management. Contact us today if you want the best performance from your animals.

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Getting started with your FECPAKG2

Are you thinking about getting started? Here is a quick video showing how simple it is to collect your sheep samples ready for processing.

Collecting a sheep sample for processing