Customer Stories

Scurr Family, NZ

Learn how Cardrona, New Zealand farmers Sarah and Willy Scurr and Mike Wilson used FECPAKG2 to take control of parasite management on their property.

Clark Scott and Judy Miller, NZ

"It's one of those things, you don't know what you don't know and when we decided to do a reduction test here, we found that our status was different to what we assumed."

Todd Perkins, NZ

"The cost of a FEC test is negligible and the information I received over winter saved massive amounts in lost production”, Todd explains. “It all comes back to production."

Clare Wise, UK

Clare Wise from Manor Farm, CO.Durham in the UK talks FECPAKG2 "You can really maximise the performance and health of your lambs.” 

Hannah Jennings, AUS

"I’ve been using FECPAKG2 for about 10 months to offer worm egg counts without bias…It's a great opportunity to build trust with clients, because they’re getting an independent service."