Helping farmers optimise treatment

Testing with FECPAKG2 gives you data to make informed treatment decisions. It helps identify and minimise the impacts parasites have on your animals.

    Data to make informed treatment decisions
    Easy to use on farm
    Caring for our produce

Increase profitability, with heavier & healthier livestock

FECPAKG2 is a diagnostic tool enabling fact-based parasite management practices, resulting in healthier, heavier stock. FECPAKG2 records and models information so that it can be used to minimise parasite loads on pasture, saving farmers time and money.

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How FECPAKG2 works

Testing with FECPAKG2 is a simple four-step process that requires little training and doesn’t require a laboratory or a lab technician. After one session with our support team anyone can conduct testing using FECPAKG2 .

    1. Collect sample
    2. Process
    3. Upload
    4. Get results

Sainsbury's Project

Proven in the field - the Sainsbury's Project. Spanning across the UK and NZ over three years, read how FECPAKG2 helps farmers improve performance in their flock.

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    Empowering our farmers
    Caring for our animals
    Testing at the right time and place

Associates & Partners

Our associates and partners are located all over the world, we work with the organisations devoted to progressing the way we manage disease.